Safety Training provided

Hazard Assessment & Workplace Inspections

ERCO safety has developed a program in Hazard Assessment and Workplace Inspection that is taught at your facility. We will work with your employees to train them how to perform a Hazard Assessment and how to do a Workplace Inspection. i.e. What are we looking for, how do we assess the risk and then what controls should we be implementing, are these controls working, are workers using the controls, are workers wearing proper PPE.

Incident Investigations

ERCO Safety has developed a program on Incident Investigations. Alberta legislation stipulates when an investigation needs to be performed. Having employees trained in Incident Investigation will meet the requirement of Occupational Health and Safety legislation and ensure that the investigations performed are thorough and consistent.

Supervisor Training

Combine Hazard Assessment and Work site Inspections with Incident Investigations and save.

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