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Happy New Year

During my travels this holiday season I had the opportunity to watch a number of airline safety videos while taking off from various airports.

The value of making the safety videos in a way to engage the viewer was not lost on me.  Gone is the old standard boring safety videos.  A video with a little humor and the unexpected will hold the viewer captive.  I was watching to see what odd thing would appear in the background.  Even though I saw the same video 3 times in one trip I watched and listen to see what I might have missed in the previous one.  I generally watch or listen to the safety information even though I have it memorized, however I am not usually engaged in the process.  This trip I stayed engaged and watched and listened to all the videos.

If you want to have your employees get the most out of the safety training videos – make them interesting, change them often, add a little humor and keep the employee engaged.  Engagement could include making your own safety videos and having respected team members star in the production.  Improving the content of safety videos will provide far better retention and increase the potential of employees following the procedures and keeping themselves safe on the worksite and at home.


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