About ERCO Safety

At ERCO Safety we believe that people have the right to go home to their families safe at the end of the day. With that right there is also a responsibility. Employers, Management, Supervisors and Workers have the responsibility to ensure they perform their tasks in a manner that respects the health and safety of themselves as well as others around them. We offer services & training to help employers and workers so they may work safely and go home at the end of the day. We believe that safety in the work place is behavior and culture based. Safety must be practiced by all, from the senior management to the employee just starting out.

About the owner

Betts Passmore is the President and Facilitator for ERCO Safety. Betts’ professional bio includes Safety Consultation since 2000. Betts received her OH&S certificate for the U of A in 2004 and she is also has a Certificate in Environmental Management. Betts has participated in the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association’s Steering committee and performed external audits for the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association.  Betts currently conducts audits with the Alberta Safety Council and Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association as the Certifying Partner.

On a personal note, Betts was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, transplanted to southern Alberta in 2003. Married with two children, she says “my family is my driving force. I inherited my dad’s sense of humour, mom’s maternal instinct to take care of everyone as well as my husband and kid’s love for life.”

“With a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis it takes me a little longer in the morning to get mobile, but I still love to take my Harley out for an afternoon spin. I am really looking forward to eventually retiring to the Dominican Republic, however that will have to wait a few years as I have many more personal and business goals I want to reach and I thoroughly enjoy what 
I do here now.”

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