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Contractors and home rebuilding/renovating

hard hat pink – As I read through this posting on the information for residents of High River I notice a very important point (although all the information is very important) … “Note: It is also extremely important for residents to ensure the contractor working on your property is covered by Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

An easy way to protect yourself is by obtaining a Direct Employer Clearance Certificate (DECC). This self-service system allows you to electronically request and receive clearance certificates for your contractors and subcontractors to confirm they are already covered by WCB. DECCs are easy to obtain:
Workers Compensation Board Direct Employer Clearance Certificate
1-866-922-9221 toll free –  Information about hiring a contractor”

What does this mean to you If you hire a contractor to assist with rebuilding your home.  If the contractor or one of their employees are injured while working on your home and they do NOT have WCB coverage you may become liable for their injuries, expenses and rehabilitation. Please take the time to ensure your Contractor is covered!!!!


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Promoting desired behaviours

Corporate Safety behaviors must be part of the corporate culture.

To promote a strong safety culture safety must be the responsibility of everyone from upper management to the front line staff.

How can a company increase safety culture?   – Promote the desired behaviors.

How can a company promote desired behaviors? – Acknowledge workers when they are exhibiting the desired behaviors.  This can be done personally with a few kind words, publicly in safety meetings, in Corporate newsletters or postings on employee information boards.  Acknowledgement can also be in the form of rewards.  This can be a valuable tool to promoting safe behaviors – however depending on the structure of this tool it can promote non-reporting or the wrong kind of peer pressure.

How can a company begin to acknowledge desired behaviors? – Ask your employees.  Meet with your Safety Committee or discuss at a Safety Meeting.  Find out what is the most meaningful acknowledgement method with your employees, remembering what the goal is – to promote safe behaviors.

Remember to affect change the actions must be known by the receiver, consistent and immediate.

Be safe my friends – and work with your peers to make the environment around you safe for all.

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