Welcome to ERCO Safety

When it comes to safety, slow and steady wins the race. ERCO Safety believes that a well designed safety program is paramount for preventing work place injuries caused by unsafe work areas and hazardous work habits. For ERCO President and Facilitator Betts Passmore, a wife and mother of two, safety comes like second nature.

How ERCO Safety evolved

With its birth in Sherwood Park, Alberta, ERCO Safety is now operating out of Airdrie, Alberta while continuing to provide services for the Edmonton area as well as Calgary, Alberta. As ERCO grows its program designs continue to evolve, with additional services added for current and future valued customers.

ERCO Safety services include Safety Training; Safety Program Audits to help your company in creating more efficient workplace; assisting your company on building a Safety Program; RAVS (Review and Verification Services) and the newly added Contractor Management Services.


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